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DHS 301 X - DHS Hurricane 301X blade (H301X)

DHS 301 X blade The DHS Hurricane 301X (H301X) blade is a new product of 2020 made with BBT technology, which gives the blade stable performance and makes it less prone to temperature and humidity. The DHS Hurricane 301X blade is very popular among professional Chinese table tennis players.

DHS D40+ 3 star *** - table tennis balls

1 package contains 10 balls DHS D40+ 3 star *** seamed competition table tennis balls are the new generation of plastic table tennis balls made of ABS. DHS D40+ 3*** table tennis balls are made of ABS, and they have very good roundness and excellent durability. There are quantitative restrictions on the transport of balls, max. 80 packages (800 balls). 

DHS Fang Bo Carbon B2X

DHS Fang Bo carbon 2X (B2X) blade is novelty in 2019 DHS Fang Bo carbon B2X blade with Pith-film technology with a stronger core gives the blade excellent speed with stable control. DHS Fang Bo carbon B2X is suitable for playing from any distance from the table.

DHS Hurricane 8

Hurricane 8 is a sticky Chinese rubber from DHS, designed to compensate for the reduced spin from the new 40+ poly ball! ... The hardness of sponge and rubber require good feel from the user but it is perfect for the high spin looper who requires maximum rotation from wristy and long stroke play.

DHS Hurricane 8-80

DHS Hurricane 8-80 is a rubber with balanced speed and control, with a highly elastic No. 80 sponge and a more pleasant touch. DHS Hurricane 8-80 is lighter and more elastic, has a sticky top sheet, is suitable for forehand and backhand.